Vernal Innovation Hub

In partnership with the Vernal Innovation Hub, UBVA manages a rotating exhibition at 431 E. Main St., Vernal, UT 84078. The exhibition consists solely of the artwork of UBVA members, and the submissions are rotated on a semi-annual basis. It is a great opportunity to display your work in the public eye!

Innovation Hub Exhibit April 2023 – September 2023

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All artists must be up-to-date on UBVA dues, and there is a $5.00 charge per piece submitted (to cover the cost of hanging and signage materials). Submission fees can be paid online, or in person on the day of hanging (to be determined). Generally, there is room for 3 pieces per artist, but sometimes this number will need to be adjusted upwards or downwards depending on the total number of submission received. Most artwork should be framed, but gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic or metal prints, and other unique media such as textiles and fiber based artwork are allowed without frames. Also small artwork will be displayed on table or mantle and will need to be framed to stand alone on table. All pieces should be ready to display

Artists Can the sell their works. There will be a 10% commission fee paid to the Innovation Hub and a 10% commission fee paid to UBVA. UBVA will handle art sales online with access to an online checkout and can be accessed by a QR code on the artworks title card. If artwork is sold, it can be removed by the artist and adjustments to the exhibit are made.

You can set up an exhibit fee account by paying in advance and get credit for future exhibits. You will receive a balance on your account with deductions when you use your exhibit fees.