Uintah Basin Technical College

450 N 2000 W, Aggie Blvd, Vernal, UT 84078

UBTech Exhibit Hall

Ribbon cutting ceremony April 1. 2022 for the new Art Exhibit at UBTech. Facility donated by Uintah Basin Technical College for exhibition of artwork by members of UBVA. UBVA is very appreciative of the co-operation between UBTech and UBVA.

In partnership with UBTech, Uintah Basin Technical College, UBVA manages a rotating exhibition on UBTech campus at 450 N 2000 W, Aggie Blvd., Vernal, UT 84078. The exhibition consists solely of the artwork of UBVA members, and the submissions are rotated on a quarterly basis. It is a great opportunity to display your work in the public eye!

All artists must be up to date on UBVA dues. Artwork needs to by at least 16″ x 20″ unless approved. All submissions have to be submitted by digital image email to the UBTech committee of the UBVA for approval. The digital images are emailed with details of the artwork are sent at least a week before the rotation date. Submissions are approved by email prior to drop off. There is a $10.00 charge per piece submitted (to cover the cost of hanging and signage materials etc.). Submission fees can be paid online, or in person on the day of hanging. Most artwork should be framed, but gallery wrapped canvas, acrylic or metal prints, and other unique media such as textiles and fiber-based artwork are allowed without frames. All pieces should be ready to hang with HANGING WIRE!

Artists are allowed the sell their works. There will be a 10% commission fee paid to UBTech and a 10% commission fee paid to UBVA. Payment for purchasing artwork can be made at the front registrars desk at UBTech. The college will forward 90% of the purchase price to the UBVA treasurer. UBVA will send out checks to artist’s of 80% of the purchase price.

Next Rotation is Monday April 3, 2023. The Theme is Spring , but not exclusive.

Submissions need to be submitted by email with digital image for review by March 28th to UBVA -UBTech Committee. Include frame and artwork sizes and media information with submission.


The UBVA-UBTech committee will notify you by email of the selections to be displayed. ilike2watchpaintdry@gmail.com

Register when artwork is brought to UBTech on April 3rd for display and will be hung the next day. UBTech is located at 450 N 2000 W, Aggie Blvd., Vernal, UT. The exhibit is located across from the main desk at the main entrance.

Pay entry fee on artwork selected for exhibit

You can set up an exhibit fee account by paying in advance and get credit for future exhibits. You will receive a balance on your account with deductions when you use your exhibit fees.