Art Auction Rules

Art Auction Rules and Regulations

  •  Auction is on Friday March 17th. 6-8 pm.
  •  All art that is donated will be auctioned off. All proceeds go to  scholarships for UBTech Students. 
  • UBVA will be having a silent auction also of smaller pieces of art
  • Pictures of art donated needs to be summitted by February 17th.  Also at the same time please submit – Artist Bio and a Description of art-Piece, UBVA Will send the artist a waiver to sign after art is submitted so that your art can be shown online on UBTech’s website, etc. to promote the auction.
  • Artwork to be donated needs to be dropped of at UBTech on March 10th
  • Artists who donate art will be able to have a booth for free to sell your art. The fee for selling your art will be 20%- 10% to UBTech and 10% to UBVA.
  • Artists who do not donate art but want to have a booth will be charged a $50 fee.
  • Booths will be open for buyers to look at your art at 6pm on March 17th.
  • Artists can set up at 4pm on March 17th.
  • The auction will be a semi-formal occasion.
  • Each artist needs to invite at least 10-15 people or business   owners/Professional owners to come to the auction, UBVA will provide Invitations. UBVA will have these invitations at the February UBVA meeting. Please help UBVA with this as the auction is much more successful with more people. UBVA wants to raise as much money for scholarships as possible.
  • Artists can donate as many pieces as you would like to the auction, but all art must be original Art, no prints of paintings. Artists can sell prints of their art in their booth. UBVA will also need everyone’s help in getting flyers out in business windows and buildings
UBTech Art Waiver